Core drilling projects in Charlotte, NC in the Year 2011

Some of our best core drilling projects of 2011 was right here in Charlotte, NC where we core drilled holes in concrete for a Sam's Club, Target, Walgreens, Various core drilling samples for gas service stations as well. We are hopeful that 2012 is as good to us and work plentiful as construction forecast's look strong becasue of the 2012 Democratic convention to be held here in town.
12" core drill bit used to core drill
holes in a roof for new drainage
pipes at an industial site in Pineville, NC.
One if the fellows thought these two holes core
drilled through a concrete block wall
looked like eyes.
Picture of what a concrete core drilling plug looks like after removal.
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More Charlotte NC core drilling projects
One of our crew hard at work to get s stuck core drill plug out a 4" core drill bit.