8" core drill bit. Price $295

8" core drill bit. Price $295
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8 inch core drill bit1 25 inch tpi8 inch core drill teeth

This is a great purchase at $295.00 8" Core drill bit. 1 1/4" x 7 tpi arbor thread. Weight 22 lbs. Welded laser segmented teeth. We use a bit just like this about 500+ times annually in our core drilling business. It will cut up to 50 8" holes in concrete, reinforced concrete, brick and block. 

two eight inch holes in walls

Spooky ain't it. These are two 8" holes we core drilled into a reinforced concrete wall in Greensboro, North Carolina. Looks like two eyes.

used core 8 inch core drill bit

This is what you 8" core drill bit will look like after you cut about 50 holes into a concrete wall or floor. Still has plenty of life left.

core drill bit logo

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