10" Core Drill Bit Charlotte NC

10" Core Drill Bit Charlotte NC
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10" core drill bit

 10" Core drill Bit. Wet USE only. RPM of core drill machine must be less than 400 to make this bit last. Used for reinforced core drilling of walls, floor, concrete roofs and other construction type work. 1 1/4" x 7 arbor thread. Weight is 33 lbs. Laser welded teeth segments. Great Balance. We use this core drill bit on all of our projects. We core drill nearly 400 10" core drill holes in walls and floors annually.


Below is a picture of one of our core drillers here in North Carolina using one of our 10" core drill bits to core drill a concrete wall. Notice the rig is attached to the wall by use of a concrete wedge anchor. This particular project called for a redo, in other words the contractor ordered 10" core drill holes then a few days later discovered that a 12" hole in the wall is what they really needed. Of course we cut him a break and made a concrete pipe which is pictured below.

wall core drilling

concrete pipe


You can see a video on this core drill bit by going to our YouTube page here. Charlotte core Drill. Youtube video's 10" core drilling video


core drilling logo North Carolina‚Äč


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