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Core Drilling service at reasonable prices.
Contact us. Core drilling is not a do it your self type project

Need the phone number of a local core drilling company in Charlotte North Carolina?

We specialize in core drilling holes from 1" to 12" Diameter in concrete walls, floors and slabs.

we can core drill a hole in your foundation for Residential core drilling? Homeowner who can appreciate our skills to put a perfectly round hole though a basement wall or floor for an new plumbing drain or or a hole in the chimmney for a new wood stove.

Concrete core drilling for Charlotte NC and the surrounding counties of Stanly, Cabbarraus, Union, Rowan and more.

Our depth limits are 30" with most holes up to 12" in diameter.

We can core drill concrete walls and floors for electricians, plumbers, HVAC. Need to know more? You can see a post questions and look for answers about concrete core drilling here.

We have core drilled thousands of holes in Concrete, brick, reinforced concrete walls and floors in North Carolina. Check out our Core Drilling Projects page for examples.

Core Drill Bits


Not only does Carolina Precision Core Drilling (formerly BlueFlag Services) provide fast and accuate concrete core drilling service but we now sell our own Brand of concrete wet and dry core drill bits. Each core drill bit can cut concrete holes as deep as 14 inches (deeper with the right bit core drilling extension).

Core Drillers

Charlotte NC


Core driller? We got them. We have been core drilling concrete walls and floors with holes up to 12" in diameter since 1997.

Drilling a concrete hole 20 foot up a ladder is not everones idea of a fun day. Let us help. Call 704-245-0119

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You can find us on these sites as well. We sell core drill bits, provide core drilling service, fabricate ADA metal handrails.


Providing Complete core drilling service for North Carolina.