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This is It! The #1 core drilling company in Charlotte, NC website.

We specialize in core drilling holes from 1" to 12" Diameter in concrete walls, floors and slabs.

Residential core drilling? You Bet. We love to please the homeowner who can appreciate our skills to put a perfectly round hole though raised foundations for additional HVAC, plumbing or electrical outlets when remodeling.
Commercial core drilling? Yes Sir. We will bring the harness, hardhat and core drill machine if you can mark the holes and make way for some messy work.
Our depth limits are 30" with most holes up to 12" in diameter. Some of our local concrete core drilling projects in Charlotte, NC include Concord Mills Mall. and most recently the Skye Condo's at 3rd Street.

We core drill concrete walls and floors for electricians, plumbers, HVAC. Need to know more? You can see a post questions and look for answers about concrete core drilling here.

We have core drilled thousands of holes in Concrete, brick, reinforced concrete walls and floors in North Carolina. Check out our Core Drilling Projects page for examples.

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