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Here are some of the criteria that we base our online concrete core drilling estimator on.
A) Mobilization fee for each new quote.
*Distance from nearest Shop.
B) Type of Material that is being Core Drilled.
C) Width of core drill hole.
D) Depth of core drill hole
E) How many core drill holes.
F) How thick the concrete or (material) is.
G) IS the location to be drilled on a wall.
H) If wall drilling what verticial height is the drilling to be done.
I ) Will the water used to core drill need to be vacuumed.
J ) vertically and horizontally from the ground floor of the building.
Quailty core driling Service.
We base the estimator price list for core drilling holes in concrete walls and concrete slabs of 8" thick. Our estimator covers the average typicial price for core drilling hole sizes from 2" to 12".
This core drilling service price estimator is written precisely for Our core drilling service.

Extra machinery like platform lifts, scaffolding or cranes, are not include. Just the labor cost of the work of core drilling holes in concrete and the equipment involved with the work.

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FAQ for Core drilling estimtates and quotes online.

Cheap and resonable core drilling rates.
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A) 5% discount when you schedule a project after recieving a quote,
B) 15% Discount after quoting 5 projects, hiring us to core drill your holes and completing payment for 5 core drilling project's with you or your company.

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