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Quailty core driling Service.
When thinking about estimating the costs of core drilling a wall. A wall less than 12" thick is quicker to drill than a thicker wall. Our estimator covers the average typicial price for core drilling hole sizes from 2" to 12".

Wall Core drilling Estimator.

Core drilling 12" less or 12" more through a concrete wall.
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BlueFlag Services Inc. 12" is the normal largest hole that we drill. Larger holes through concrete are special order through our main office in Charlotte NC. -------------------------services since 1997. Charlotte, NC. Raleigh, NC. Greensboro, NC 704-245-0119-----------------------------------------------------
Concrete Wall Core Drilling Estimator
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core drilling 12 through a concrete wall 12" or Less
core drilling 12 inches through a cocnrete wall 12" or More
core drilling more than 24 inches through a concrete wall More than 2'
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