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Exactly what will it cost to core drill holes in concrete. A look at our core drilling costs vs. the other core drilling companies.

Well to put it in a nutshell we are alot smaller and more experienced when it comes to core drilling holes in concrete for less money. Our company was using pre-recession pricing before the economy went sour in an effort to grow and gain more core drilling projects.
We also don't have 1000's of stockholders that need to make money from our work. What we sell is core drilling services. Often we can bid on a core drilling job for less money because we don't have the enormous overhead that a core drilling franchise has. We also look at each project as a days work and treat it as such. Contractors have a saying: "It is either feast or famine." and that is the way we run our core drilling company here in Charlotte, NC. Grateful for every customer and every project.
With few members in our company (over 65 years of total experience) we provide unmatched specialization and professionalism. Concrete core drilling is not our job it is what we do.
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Why does BlueFlag provide the same great core drilling services alot cheaper than Pelham, AE and other national core drilling chains stores?

Our core drilling Costs VS.

Concrete core drilling.

We core drill thousands of hole's in concrete, brick, stone and block every year. Our crews are lead by family members that grew up core drilling. Its our life, not our occupation.
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