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When renting a core drill to do a project there are more things you need than just the machine.

#1 For example you have (7) 3" core drill holes to put in a ground floor slab in downtown Charlotte, NC.
Core drill rental $157.00
Core bit rental $ 50 .00
Labor 2 men $ 50.00 hour with taxes, insurance, etc. $400.00
$50.00 time to pickup and return machine with gas and labor
Paper work for all the things mentioned so far, different reciepts
taxes, schedules, etc.

BlueFlag typicial quoted price:
Setup: $200.00
(7) 3" core drill holes: $245.00
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Alright lets get down to why we think we can save you money if you use our core drilling service versus renting a core drilling machine.

Our core drilling Costs VS.

Concrete core drilling.

We core drill projects by the day also. When calling ask about our day rates for our core drilling service. It may save you money.
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