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How to use a water pump for concrete core drilling.

mobile cart with submersible water pump

Don't overheat your core drill bit. Frictional heat produced at the diamond tip must be disposed of immediately. Otherwise the diamond become rapidly damaged by oxidation and graphitization. Excessive heat generated while core drilling will also damage the metal matrix holding the diamonds in place. A good way to do this is when water is too far away to run a garden hose you can use a submersible water pump in a 5 gallon bucket to get water to where you need it. Just hook the water pump and core drill up with a short water hose so you can get coolant
down through the center of your core drill bit. This is a great way to get fresh water to your core drill bit and keep it from overheating when a water connection is too far away from your work area and not practical.
A) Also a portable water pump sprayer is sometimes used for large core drilling jobs.
B) Even a fish tank pump can be used if the pump generates enough pressure to keep cool water going throught the core drills motors water swivel to keep the bit cool.
C) Still need a simple way to cool your core drill bit while core drilling concrete? Some two liter soda pop bottles will fit the water connection to various core drills.

10 inch core drill hole in concrete wall

Above in the picture we have a 550 gallon water buffalo which we customized for core drilling when a water source in not readily handy.

When you need alot of water this is way to go. Also sometimes you can or may need a water tranfer pump to increase water pressure for pumping water to your core drill machine over lond distances.

Questions you may have water pumps and core drilling

How far will most 1/2 HP and below submersible pumps water up a building?

Ususally up to the 3rd floor on most buildings, or 23 ln ft.

How much water does it take to core drill a hole though a concrete?

This is a question that can be answered by the expereince. The larger the bit the more water it takes to keep the core drill bit cool. Where you may core drill 5 1" holes through a concrete floor using one 5 gallon bucket of water, for a 12" core drill hole it may take the whole itself.

Concrete core drilling with a diamond bit is the process of which one uses a large high speed drill to drill Clean, Non-destructive holes in concrete. The drill bit used to drill is hollow, which is where the core part comes in because instead of a regular hole like you get with a solid steel drill bit the center is left to be knocked out later after the desired core drilling depth is reached.

10 inch core drill hole shown.

Core drilling a cement block wall in Charlotte North Carolina

Core Drilling can be either wet or dry.

Normally we in Charlotte, NC wet core drill most materials, and use a SDS roatary hammer drill when dry drilling.

Wet core drilling involves using water as a cooling agent as the core drill bit cuts a hole the material. Most core drill bits are embedded with bits of diamonds (in the teeth of the bit only) for cutting steel and other hard substances that may be in the concrete, brick or block you are drilling.

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