4" Core Drill Bit $ 175

Silver Series. Fast conrete drilling.

BlueFlag 4" Core Drill Bit
Silver Series. 4" concrete core drill bit
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4" Core Drill Bit prices
4" Core Drill Bit. Wet Use only. 1 1/4" x 7 tpi hub thread. Laser welded 10 mm diamond teeth segments. Cuts Reinforced concrete, brick, block and asphalt. Full 4" OD. American Made. Category: tools Product #: B00CCXMEYI Paypal, Cash, Visa, MC $175.00 (Sale ends ) Condition: New

4" core drilling pictures

4" bit has 10mm diamond teeth 4 inch concrete core drill bit hub concrete 4" cores heavy construction, thick core bit hub

In 2009

Carolina Precision Core Drilling cored 10,542 4" holes in reinforced concrete and only used 84 core drill bits. That's about 125 holes per bit on average. We do it every year. This rough and tough 4" core bit has an 1 1/4" x 7 tpi hub thread. 10mm Teeth.
Picture 3 is a 4" concrete core cut from a concrete floor on Dawson St, Raleigh NC. Notice the very heavy rebar. Our Silver series 4" core drill bit makes takes on any concrete building. Our 4" core bit cuts reinforced concrete with any size rebar.
Average close to 40 to 60 holes drilled with this core drill bit with medium to lite weight concrete and more through brick, limestone or block structures.