6" Core Drill Bit $ 260

Silver Series. Fast conrete drilling.

BlueFlag 6" Core Drill Bit
Silver Series. 5" concrete core drill bit
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6" Core Drill Bit prices
6" Core Drill Bit. Wet Use only. 1 1/4" x 7 tpi hub thread. Laser welded 10 mm diamond teeth segments. Cuts Reinforced concrete, brick, block and asphalt. Full 6" OD. American Made. Category: tools Product #: B00CCXL5S4 Paypal, Cash, Visa, MC $260.00 (Sale ends ) Condition: New

6" core drill bits

6" bit has 10mm diamond teeth 6 inch concrete core drill bit hub concrete 6" cores steel core bit hub

6" core drill bits is...

where the fun begins. Now you have to start thinking about the weight of the core as most 6" cores are very heavy and can cause alot of damage if not properly handled. Above (4th picture) you can see a good size rebar that our 6" core bit cut staight through. Its tough and eats reinforced concrete like a pig in slop. We core nearly 3000 6" concrete holes every year. This 10mm diamond embedded, rough and tough 6" core bit has an 1 1/4" x 7 tpi hub thread.
Picture 4 is a 6" concrete core cut from a concrete floor in Columbia, SC. That peice of rebar that you see did not stand a chance. Our Silver series 6" will cut this core and many more before it reires. Our 6" core bit cuts reinforced concrete with any size rebar.
Average close to 40 holes drilled with this core drill bit with medium to lite weight concrete and more through brick or block structures.