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Home Depot, Lowes, Grainger: Core Drill Bit Prices

We sell them and use them too. Yes we are Core Drillers, Their NOT!

BlueFlag 3" core drill bit $110 Grainger $261.50 Lowes $189.00 Home Depot $184.00
BlueFlag 6" core drill bit $220 Grainger $423.00 Lowes $368.00 Home Depot $371.00
BlueFlag 8" core drill bit $310 Grainger $874.50 Lowes $600.00 Home Depot $594.00
BlueFlag 12" core drill bit $540 Grainger $1017.00 Lowes $987.00 Home Depot $965.00

These stores have nothing on us. We not only sell core drill bits but we also use the same brand (BlueFlag Silver Series).

How many other core drill bit suppliers actually use the core drill bits they sell?

We Do

No other web site on Earth can show you cores from their brand of Core Drill Bit
Below you can see many pictures from our core drilling projects over the years and just how much core drilling we do on a yearly basis.
BlueFlag only uses the best grade general purpose core drill bits ourselves and would not sell you anything less.
Think we are kidding. Got a question about core drilling? Call us. We know the answer to most average core drilling problems such as:
How do I sharpen my core drill bit?
How fast should my RPM be for a 12" core bit?
How do you get your marks to stay on the concrete after you start drilling?
and many, many, many more.
4" bit has 10mm diamond teeth 4 inch concrete core drill bit hub concrete 4" cores heavy construction, thick core bit hub

Year 2009, BlueFlag, cored 10,542 4" holes in reinforced concrete and only used 84 core drill bits. That's about 125 holes per bit on average. We do it every year. This rough and tough 4" core bit has an 1 1/4" x 7 tpi hub thread. 10mm Teeth.
Picture 3 is a 4" concrete core cut from a concrete floor on Dawson St, Raleigh NC. Notice the very heavy rebar. Our Silver series 4" core drill bit makes takes on any concrete building. Our 4" core bit cuts reinforced concrete with any size rebar.
Average close to 100 holes drilled with this core drill bit with medium to lite weight concrete and over 150 holes or more through brick or block structures.